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  • Organising a gaming business online video

    Today, the organisation of gambling is not limited to the usual land-based establishments. Online gambling is becoming increasingly popular. This trend is growing rapidly and continues to open up new opportunities for players and casino owners online.

    Organising a gaming business online stages

    Let’s look at what setting up an online gaming business looks like as standard. The process involves the following steps:

    • website creation;
    • gambling license;
    • buying hosting and choosing a memorable domain name;
    • buying a platform with a wide range of functions;
    • the choice and purchase of gambling;
    • the connection of the payment software;
    • ensuring the operation of a player support service;
    • promotion and promotion of the resource online.

    An entrepreneur can set up and run a resource on their own. This is a time-consuming process, but it is realistic. The second option is to use the professional services of a provider. This option is most often chosen by newcomers who have no experience in setting up a gaming business.

    Organising a gaming business online video
    Organising a gaming business online video

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    Setting up a gaming business in Russia

    A separate topic is the organisation of the gambling business in Russia. While, comparatively recently, in almost every settlement from Moscow to Tambov, Yekaterinburg and St. Petersburg, one could find dozens or hundreds of land-based gambling establishments, today the situation has changed.

    Despite the absence of a total ban on gambling, relevant articles of Russian law regulate the organisation of gambling business and the operation of casinos. It is only possible to open a casino in specially designated areas. Online gambling is completely prohibited.

    As of today, the organisation of online gambling business is not possible on the territory of Russia. No license for this type of activity is issued. But this does not mean that there is no legal alternative.

    The solution for the Russian entrepreneurs was the organization and licensing of the online gaming business in the offshore zones. Among the jurisdictions offering legalisation of online gambling, the following are the most popular:

    • Malta;
    • Isle of Man;
    • United Kingdom;
    • Curacao;
    • Costa Rica;
    • Gibraltar;
    • Belize, etc.

    Gaming business organisations are quick ways of doing things

    The process of setting up a gambling business from scratch on your own can take around a year or more. This is not the best option for a quick, successful start. Today, the market offers a wide range of more affordable and cost-effective ways to get started.

    The offerings on the online gambling market are shaped by the providers. They differ in quality, price, gambling content, etc. The products of well-known brands traditionally come at a high price. But there are also offers of decent quality at an affordable price.

    You’ll find the best deals on ready-made online gambling solutions at b2bslots.com. B2bslots specializes in online gambling software. Our specialists are ready to offer software from leading manufacturers as well as our own high quality developments. Here you will find:

    • a wide range of in-house HTML5 games with a mobile interface;
    • multicurrency and multilingual platform solutions;
    • mobile solutions;
    • project support services, etc.

    Our experts have managed to optimise and reduce the cost of connection. Connecting our games will cost you $0 and the game rental royalty is 8%, which is exactly half of what everyone else charges.

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