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  • Bookmaker office franchise

    More and more often beginners in the industry of gambling entertainment choose a franchise of an online bookmaker’s office. What is the appeal of such a choice? What is a betting shop franchise and how to choose it? To these and other questions we will try to give detailed answers in this article.

    Prospects for the betting business

    Bookmaking business today is one of the most profitable and promising in the industry of gambling entertainment. Betting on the outcome of various events and sporting activities is invariably popular, which makes the betting business attractive to entrepreneurs as well. Gamblers are attracted first and foremost by the fact that winning largely depends on the ability to analyze and predict the outcome of an event. In this case, not everything depends on chance and luck. Knowledge of the topic, possession of relevant information and the ability to analyze can bring big winnings.

    Bookmaker office franchise

    What is a betting shop franchise

    Bookmaker office franchise

    The concept of a franchise or franchise agreement is inherent not only in the gambling business. This business scheme is very common and popular, which can already testify to its benefits.

    The franchise agreement implies that there is a transfer from the franchisor (business owner) to the franchisee (subsidiary) of rights to use the logo and other elements of the brand, the scheme and structure of work, standards, software products in exchange for a certain financial reward.

    What is a franchise in practice in simple words? On the market today there are already a number of large bookmaker offices with a name, which are well known, characterized by reliability and are popular among betting fans. They have an established pattern of operation, a wide range of events and activities for betting, a steadily high flow of visitors.

    Such big brands are interested in further development and expansion of the target audience coverage. Therefore, they are ready to cooperate with start-up entrepreneurs.

    Benefits received from the franchisor (owner of a brand betting shop):

    • brand promotion;
    • expanding the reach of the target audience;
    • additional income received from the franchisee as payment for the use of the franchise.

    The franchisee (the owner of the franchised subsidiary) also receives its own benefits, which we will discuss below.

    Why bookmaker's office online

    With the spread of the Internet and the expansion of its capabilities, the gambling industry has successfully migrated to the web. This fully applies to the betting business as well.

    Opening a bookmaker’s office online opens up a wide range of opportunities for its owner. Each Internet user of legal age is a potential client of a betting company. Proper promotion and advertising company will provide a steady growth of traffic to the site.

    Let us highlight the main advantages of organizing a bookmaker’s office online:

    • round-the-clock availability of the BC for clients without increasing the entrepreneur’s costs;
    • the widest coverage of the target audience;
    • great prospects for business development and expansion;
    • a relatively economical start – the cost of opening a bookmaker’s office online is several times less than the costs required for the organization and further maintenance of a land-based bookmaker’s office;
    • having a lot of experience in the betting business is not a prerequisite.

    Creating your own bookmaker’s office on the Internet is a real chance for everyone to occupy a niche in the field of gambling entertainment and get your “piece of the pie” from the multi-million dollar turnover of the bookmaker business.

    The difference between franchises and other ways to open a BC-online

    With the advantages of creating an online bookmaker’s office we have understood. Now we propose to deal with the available ways of opening a business in this area.

    Franchise is not the only way to open your own betting office. But, according to experts – it is the most suitable option for beginners who do not yet have experience in the industry of gambling entertainment.

    Let’s consider and compare the most common ways to open a betting shop online:

    1.       Create a bookmaker’s office by yourself

    Сразу отметим, что такой способ мало подходит для новичков без опыта. Его отличает трудоёмкость и длительность.

    В современных условиях разработкой букмекерских ресурсов всё чаще занимаются профессиональные компании, имеющие в своей команде узкопрофильных специалистов для выполнения каждого этапа и вида работ. This high level of professionalism is distinguished by specialists from the company B2bslots. We specialize in software and related services for online gambling, including online bookmaker’s offices.

    What steps does an entrepreneur have to go through in order to set up a betting shop on his own?

    • Drawing up a business plan. Creating a website or adapting an existing resource for BC – this is the development of structure, original design, content, etc.
    • Choosing a domain name. The domain name should be as simple, memorable and original as possible. This will allow customers to quickly find the site of the bookmaker’s office from any device.
    • Choice of hosting. Reliable and secure hosting ensures uninterrupted access to the resource and its correct operation with any influx of customers.
    • Registration of a legal entity and obtaining an appropriate gambling license. At this stage, Russian entrepreneurs should take into account that there is a legal ban on the operation of online betting in the Russian Federation. And, therefore, it is necessary to register and license in one of the existing offshore zones.
    • The choice of jurisdiction is a responsible matter. It affects the cost of the license, as well as the duration and complexity of its obtaining. The stage is responsible and obligatory if you want to run a legal business and earn trust and a positive reputation among clients and partners.
    • Buying software for a bookmaker’s office. A standard set of software includes: a betting shop platform (“engine”), scripts and payment software. The quality of the software determines the functionality and management capabilities of the resource. It also ensures the reliability and security of all transactions performed. Therefore it is recommended to choose licensed software of high quality.
    • There is no point in counting on the fact that customers will go to bet in a bookmaker’s office with a dubious reputation, operating without a gambling license on low-quality software. Modern advanced users choose reliable legal institutions.
    • Organization of its own analytical department, whose specialists will develop lines (quotes) or concluding an agreement with other major bookmaker companies to buy quotes.
    • Advertising and promotion of a bookmaker’s office in the network. Professional promotion gives the most effective and the fastest possible result. Therefore, even experienced bookmakers turn to professionals to promote and periodically optimize the resource.

    So, we can conclude that an independent establishment of a bookmaker’s office will require a lot of time, effort and money. This is an option for entrepreneurs with unlimited time and resources, with considerable experience in the gambling industry.

    Pros of the method:

    • creating a quality original resource;
    • unlimited opportunities for development;
    • high level of profitability.

    Cons of the method:

    • high cost;
    • the length and complexity of the process.

    2.       Buy a bookmaker’s office

    It is easy to see the popularity of this method by checking the analytics of search engine queries. The query “buy a bookmaker’s office” is very common. It is not surprising that demand generates supply.

    The market offers to buy a turnkey ready bookmaker’s office. What does this service include:

    • availability of a gaming license;
    • software package – engine + bookmaker’s office script, providing an optimal set of functions and extensive management capabilities;
    • payment software – a set of payment services with support of currencies necessary for the client’s work in the selected region;
    • original design – the client can choose from the options offered by the developer or order the individual development;
    • assistance in integrating the software into the site, testing and launching;
    • additional services (development of promotion strategy, implementation of advertising campaign, technical support, project support, etc.). This solution is more attractive for starting your own betting business. The project launching time is significantly reduced in comparison with the first method.

    Pros of the method:

    • quick start – the launch of the project can take only a few days (the period will depend on such details as the choice of design, currencies, etc.);
    • cost-effectiveness – the cost of buying a ready-made solution is many times less than when you create it yourself;
    • accessibility – there is a wide range of ready-made solutions on the market and it is possible to choose the optimal set of software and services even with a relatively small budget;
    • quick payback and high profitability;
    • broad development prospects.

    Cons of the method:

    • despite its comparative cost-effectiveness and affordability, some start-up capital will be required;
    • the promotion and promotion of a bookmaker’s office from scratch can take several months, and reaching the top – at least a year;
    • effective and fast promotion will require the cost of professional services.

    3. Open a betting shop as a franchise

    Actually, when analyzing the two ways of opening your own betting office discussed above, the advantages of the online betting franchise become obvious.

    A franchise is a ready-made business, fully debugged and promoted.

    Let us highlight the costs incurred by the entrepreneur when choosing in favor of a franchise of a famous brand betting shop:

    • availability of a website – an existing resource can be adapted to the BC, and the franchisor will help with this;
    • hosting fees;
    • payment of remuneration to the franchisor: traditionally it is a one-time lump sum payment in a certain amount when buying a franchise and monthly royalty payments – interest (conditions, lump sum payment and interest amounts in different franchises differ, the entrepreneur chooses the most favorable conditions for himself).

    This is the end of the franchisee’s costs. The parent company (the franchisor) takes care of all organizational and legal issues, technical support, software updates, advertising campaigns, etc.

    Advantages of a bookmaker's office franchise for the entrepreneur (franchisee):

    • quick start – the project can be launched in 2-3 days;
    • assistance to the parent company at each stage of operation and development;
    • no costs for licensing, software purchase, maintenance, and promotion of the resource;
    • minimum costs and almost instantaneous income;
    • a large flow of customers from the first days of work, provided by the popularity and promotion of the brand.

    Disadvantages of a BC franchise

    Lack of opportunity for individual development – the course of further development, design, loyalty programs, bonuses and other determines the parent company.

    The disadvantage in this case is rather conditional, because for a newcomer franchise can be called the best option for starting with a minimum of costs. Working in a franchise allows you to gain experience in the betting business and earn seed money to open your own brand in the future.

    However, many people prefer to continue working in a franchise. The main thing is to choose a franchise with the most profitable conditions. Our experts will help you in your choice. The company B2bslots offers comprehensive assistance in the selection and launching of the betting shop franchise option that is best for you.

    What does the cooperation with B2bslots give

    B2bslots company specializes in software products and services for online gambling. One of the areas of our specialization is betting shops.

    Our offer:

    • a wide selection of software for BC-Online;
    • sale of ready-made BC-Online solutions (a set of software that is completely ready to run;
    • sale of separate software products – scripts, payment software, etc;
    • consulting services;
    • assistance in obtaining a license for bookmaker activity;
    • help in choosing and launching a bookmaker’s office franchise and much more.

    You can find the full list of products and services we offer on our website or by contacting our experts.

    Why is the choice of a franchise an important part of launching a betting business? Not all brands offer mutually beneficial cooperation conditions. The inexperienced beginners in this business run the risk of falling into financial bondage to the franchisor and working at zero, with no opportunity to increase their profits.

    The next point of risk – the lack of interest in the novice entrepreneur by the franchisor. The well known brands are very careful in their choice of partners. If you want to know how to open a bookmaker’s office from Fonbet, then prepare to meet a number of conditions.

    Do you want to avoid complications and fulfill all the conditions for getting a franchise quickly and correctly? Use the services of B2bslots. Our specialists will give you a comprehensive consultation on choosing a franchise. We will select the best option for you and help you through all the steps from the moment of franchisor’s application to a successful start!

    The main advantages of cooperation with us:

    • a team of professionals with extensive experience;
    • a wide range of products and services for BC-online;
    • quality assurance and effectiveness of the work performed;
    • lowest prices;
    • availability.

    We work with clients of all levels. With us your start in a betting shop franchise will be successful and fast!

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