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  • Practical guidelines for working with the Gambling Vertical

    Working with the Gambling Vertical doesn’t tolerate any fuss or ignorance. The more you want to earn, the more you will have to work on setting up your business, learning everything that can be useful. And even that is useful, at first glance, can not – history knows many examples when the “shot” things that “shoot” in principle is not supposed to. But first things first…

    Defining the target audience for Gambling offers

    Practical guidelines for working with the Gambling Vertical

    For some reason, many people have this stereotype that gambling is only played by the homeless and bankrupt (potential or real) who dream of getting rich in the shortest possible time. However, this myth has nothing to do with reality and can greatly affect the quality of traffic – in the negative side.

    The best way for webmasters to find an audience for owners of gambling projects is to use online cinema sites, adalt resources, game portals, torrents. You can use sites for earning money as a nice addition, but you should be as careful as possible with such resources, because they are not about earnings, and the quality of traffic from such resources is not always high just because of the mismatch between user expectations and the actual result. If you are working with resources through a teaser network or directly, the highest concentration is usually found on Adalt sites, entertainment sites and cinema platforms – they provide not only a good amount, but also excellent quality results.

    If we talk about the target audience, all the variety of potential customers of online casinos can be conditionally divided into two groups:

    • self-sufficient gamers who play for fun. The most effective approach to this group is rationality. Tell these players about the license, account protection, transparent financial policies, and other things that let them know they are dealing with professionals, and they are yours;
    • Impulsive players, who value most of all the emotional, gambling background. Players from this group are more attracted to various deposit bonuses, free spins, large jackpots and other “pluses”. Put the emphasis on gifts and benefits, and such users simply will not be able to refuse the opportunity to follow the link.

    Before you plan your marketing strategy, it’s important to create a portrait of your ideal customer. What should be taken into account when compiling such a portrait?

    It should be known that casino regulars very often play other online projects, in which they donate their money, without expecting to get real value. They donate for the sake of pleasure, they care about the opportunity to spend their free time with pleasure. Such players are not faced with the question of what to live on, what to eat today, where to get a vacation loan – they have money and are willing to part with it in order to get pleasure from a pleasant entertainment, whether it is watching another novelty in the cinema, an online game or a casino. This is ideal as casino traffic – provided the entertainment portal offers a high level of service, quality slots, such players often become regulars at online casinos.

    But people who are constantly faced with a lack of money are not the target audience of entertainment portals. Why not? The answer is obvious: if a person doesn’t always have something to buy for the table, he’s unlikely to want to spend money on a bet without the certainty that he’ll win. Of course, there is a small group of people who are ready to risk their last money and then tear their hair out about losing, but it’s not the best contingent for the casino, since after losing once again, such customers practically never return to the resource advertiser.

    So, how does the average player look like?

    1. Usually they are men between the ages of 24 and 45, working people. Female traffic is worth talking about separately, but women are also frequent casinos, often become VIP players, so they should not be overlooked.
    2. They have enough free money at their disposal and can spend it on anything they want, including entertainment.
    3. They prefer to relax after working feats in front of the computer with open slot machines, with a bottle of beer in hand.
    4. Such players often turn to support operators, personal VIP-managers – not only for help in solving important technical problems, but also just to talk, express their thoughts.
    5. Gamers, who often go to the casino, often play other computer projects (eg, “Tanks Online”).

    It is also necessary to deal separately with the motives that encourage gamers to visit the online casino again and again and to bet. Among the most significant motives are addiction to games, the presence of a game strategy (the desire to test its effectiveness), the use of casinos as the only or additional way to earn money. Based on the above, you can develop certain strategies:

    • If you are planning to cast a wide target, analyzing the age of active players, you should consider the following parameters: about 70% are players from 25 to 40 years, in second place (20%) are gamers aged 40 to 75 years, the third place is taken by young people – players from 18 to 25 years (10%);
    • If you plan to merge by interest, we recommend looking at projects in the categories of entertainment, social networks, dating, adalt, cinema. Sometimes resources dedicated to games, cars, work, and finance can “shoot up”;
    • Split the feeds of all suitable advertisers is better on adaptive pages that offer the player a bonus (can be small, here it is important attention and a feeling that you get a gift, something free). Preference should be given to pages that load quickly, without making the player wait;
    • When splitting different approaches for prelends, we recommend paying attention to pages that provide players with information as natively as possible. Feel free to use a variety of, including unconventional, tricks: encourage your interlocutors to argue and drop links in the comments, give your interlocutors a chance to trick you (more on this below), or make them look for the information you need themselves. The main thing is to show potential customers their way, but in such a way that they think that every step is considered by them alone, and they make their choice consciously and independently. In this case, as practice shows, the conversion rate is the highest possible.

    You may have had a question about the “chance to cheat you”? It’s easy and simple: if you give a person a chance to do something, even if not too legal or honest, but financially profitable, most will not miss the benefit.

    For example. You give a person a transit card, where you offer to download a training book for the amount of 5 000 rubles and inform that the information contained in the book will allow him to win every day from 1 000 to 10 000 rubles. Under the description of the book, place the “Pay” button (this is for the crystal-clear gamers, as well as a distraction), and for all others – a gray (as if inactive) button “Download”. Under this button should be placed “broken link” like ……. This way a person will form a strong sense that he sees not only a link to valuable information that is hidden behind the button “pay”, but also the opportunity to get the information you need in free access due to malfunction in the site. As statistics show, about 85% of people shamelessly click on a link that allows you to get information for free.

    A few words should be said about female traffic. Talking about the statistics of conversion makes no sense, because users do not indicate gender when registering, but you can use the information from advertisers. Among VIP-gamers and high rollers, there are a lot of women, and they are the most prone to addiction – with all the ensuing pleasant (for you) consequences. That is, if you want, you can work with female traffic, but it is better to come up with your own strategy, taking into account the peculiarities of female psychology.

    A few words on creativity

    Creativity, of course, sometimes does not hurt (if used wisely, within reasonable limits), but it is not the cornerstone that will determine the outcome of your work. At least when it comes to teasers, posts, banners, and other promotional ads. In order not to attract the wrong target audience, and at the same time not to miss out on potential customers, just follow certain rules. First, refuse promises of fast money, earnings and so on. Do not use such a concept as free. All this attracts quite a lot of people, but they do not fall under the trait of an ideal client, and therefore, you just do not need. Secondly, do not use large amounts of motivational phrases, do not write the amount of deposits on the creo – in this case increases the risk of redirects.

    Practical guidelines for working with the Gambling Vertical

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    To apply

    Landing Pages

    How do you design prelends?

    Right off the bat: there are many approaches to prelend design, but you don’t have to pick one and stick with it in its purest form. Marketing campaigns have a lot in common with the exact sciences, but this is clearly not the case – mix it up, experiment, figure out by experience the most effective strategies, add new approaches to them to achieve even more pronounced results.

    If we talk about strategies, below are the most effective models that can already be attributed to the classics in marketing.

    1. News occasions. For example, about how someone won a certain amount of money in the casino. Moreover, as a news occasion it is possible to choose a completely different subject, and about the winning just at the same time, in passing – such news causes more trust. Interest, and even excitement, can cause an event that literally “stirred” the Internet. Remember, relatively recently, stories were posted all over the web, as former employees of banks, cellular companies, stores, and betting shops told a lot of information about their organizations, which readers could use to enrich themselves? It’s just such an effective marketing tool. Money is a topic that can be used in any news story, so you don’t have to limit your imagination in this regard.
    2. Blogs of successful gamers. These are a kind of analogues of commodity prelends, but casinos are chosen as the theme. On the pages of the blog a person can (and should) share not only his success, experience, but also ways to make money online. The most important thing in this method – nativka, a minimum of controversy (or better their complete absence). You form a target for yourself, but the most important thing is to fit it into the block as unobtrusively as possible, in the background, only in this case you can count on a live response (whereas explicit and all the more aggressive advertising has long been boring everyone and causes only negative emotions).
    3. Prelends from the adalt category. Here it is worth working with problems and their solutions. Who visits adalt sites (we are now talking about visitors between the ages of 25 and 40, because that is who you want to attract to your resource)? First of all, these are men who are unsure of themselves (and want to fix it), who do not get enough female attention, wanting to realize their dreams, their desires. Where to get all the money for this? Of course, in a casino (the thought, of course, is designed primitive, but this is the direction in which you have to go further on your own).
    4. Telegram channels and chats. A relatively young method of traffic extraction, on which there is a lot of debate today – not only about the appropriateness of its use, but also about the methods of its application. Someone makes telegram channels a full-fledged tool, and someone collects an active target audience with its help, and dokonvert the traffic. If you decide to use your telegram channel as a full-fledged traffic attraction tool, create a channel on behalf of an organization or person, post conversion posts there, serving as feeder pages, and catch up on those pages with the active TA by buying ads for the channel. People will subscribe and convert to the first posts, after which you can “finish off” those who do not unsubscribe by posting a new modification of one of the old schemes. Telegram channels also work in conjunction with other approaches. For example, you can collect contacts of potential clients (phone numbers, skype, emails), send them an invitation to Telegram, uncontrolled by the FSB, where you are ready to share with them the most secret methods of making money on online casinos.

    Alternative ways

    One of the most effective marketing tools is hypotheses, which give gamers the confidence that their luck is going to smile today. It is very important to create the illusion that the user is fully in control of the situation. You can, for example, offer him a certain scheme, a strategy, talk about the techniques of the game in the casino and so on. The owners of gaming portals have long learned a simple truth: the best gamer in the casino is the one who is confident that he is in control of the situation.

    Don’t pass up the opportunity to work with active users. Use different ways to collect retargeting group contacts to ensure you can contact them in the future. Regular mailings to the collected base can significantly increase the quality of your traffic, because this way you can motivate players to make new and new deposits to their gaming account.

    A retargeting campaign may also be useful – the conversion, if done well, can reach 30% of clicks on the link into deposits. Such actions bring a little less traffic, but such strategies are easier to run, as the advertiser is already familiar with the audience and knows the ways of its conversion.

    Statistical indicators

    If you look at the overall data, the average conversion for all sources is about 10%. The percentage of conversion from clicks to registrations is determined by a huge number of factors: these include teasers, prelends, lends, and the advertising format and type of traffic.

    The strongest in terms of conversion from clicks to registrations are Vulkan offers (Vulkan Platinum, Vulkan 24, Vulkan Grand). Such offers provide a huge number of registrations – the kind of figure one wants to look up to.

    Most webmasters today work with social networks – Instagram and Facebook (after VKontakte was shut down).

    Practical guidelines for working with the Gambling Vertical
    Practical guidelines for working with the Gambling Vertical
    Practical guidelines for working with the Gambling Vertical

    Context traffic statistics

    Practical guidelines for working with the Gambling Vertical
    Practical guidelines for working with the Gambling Vertical

    All of the sources listed above are the most popular. Of course, with regard to gambling. There are also less competitive alternative sources, but they can also bring a small amount of traffic – these are SEO-optimized sites, clicker traffic, teaser networks, emailing and so on.

    Statistics on alternative sources

    Practical guidelines for working with the Gambling Vertical
    Practical guidelines for working with the Gambling Vertical
    Practical guidelines for working with the Gambling Vertical

    Time Stats

    Depending on the time of year, the conversion rate can vary quite a lot. So, if we are talking about autumn and winter, the highest activity can be seen on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. During spring and summer, the situation changes dramatically: on the contrary, there is less activity on weekends, evenly distributed between weekdays.

    If we talk about specific times, then:

    • In the autumn and winter period the greatest activity is recorded in the evening. The peak of activity is on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and after the weekend users are much less likely to visit online casinos;
    • In spring and summer, the most favorable time for conversions is from 4 to 10 p.m. in Moscow. The peak of activity is on Friday and weekdays, while on weekends the response from advertising campaigns is minimal (many people go to the country house, the countryside, or to rest).


    GEO is the most important factor that determines the level of conversion from registrations to deposits, the number of highrollers, respectively, the quality of traffic. All the above figures, the average conversion value of 1 to 10 refers to the GEO of the Russian Federation, rather than to the CIS countries.

    The most target GEO for advertisers for online casinos (the same Vulkan) – Russia: it is from the RF comes about 95% of casino highrollers. At the top of the conversion of highrollers are cities with millionaires – places leaders are Moscow and St. Petersburg.

    The level of conversion from registrations to deposits is noticeably lower in CIS, not to mention the highrollers. The average ratio for the countries is 1 to 30, but you can look in more detail:

    1. The brightest picture is in the case of Ukraine: here the conversion rate remains at 1 to 15.
    2. Belarus is slightly inferior to Ukraine, but not by much: 1 to 20.
    3. In third place among the CIS countries by the level of conversion is Kazakhstan with a ratio of 1 to 25.
    4. In third place among the CIS countries by the level of conversion is Kazakhstan with a ratio of 1 to 25.
    5. It is not worth working with countries such as Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Moldova, and Tajikistan at all – these GEOs provide consistently poor quality.

    If you have decided to pour into the CIS countries, pour only for deposits. For registrations in CIS countries traffic often does not pass the KPI and often does not suit the advertiser. Optimal conditions: get traffic in proportions of 70% RF and 20-30% CIS countries.

    A few words should be said about mobile traffic. No matter how unpromising it seems to you, do not miss the opportunity to work with it, because mobile traffic (provided that the advertiser can handle it normally) converts many times better than desktop traffic. And we are talking not only about conversion to deposits, but also VIP players. If we turn to statistics from advertisers, traffic from iOS mobile devices looks the most chargeable. No less surprising are the statistics for VIP-players: it is 30% of desktop and 70% of mobile traffic.

    Where should you drain on Gambling?

    It is clear that when pouring on gambling, each of us wants to find the optimal balance between the price of traffic for us and the quality – for the advertiser. A huge number of factors can affect the overall result, in particular, high rollers – players who make large deposits in casinos. So there is a legitimate question: where you can find the most highrollers?

    First of all, it is worth to evaluate SEO traffic by key money words, organic traffic from mobile applications iOS, contextual traffic from Yandex. As a rule, for 350-750 FD comes 1 highroller, but there is a strong dependence on the source of traffic. So, in the case of organic, contextual and SEO sources, the parameter will approach the 350 mark, while clikander traffic provides growth towards the 750 mark.

    Those who are looking for a teaser, you should pay attention to Eatarg with its movie sites, Kadam is suitable for fans of BDSM. MG looks promising for those who know how to work with it. Many pour in from visitweb, come news Oblivki and YES, but the weak point here is the possible problems with moderation.

    A huge amount of traffic comes from Instagram and Facebook – these sources show excellent results in quality and conversion. And in general, gambling suitable for any source where you can find an audience that fits the portrait of the ideal audience.

    To summarize this section, we note:

    • today most often pour in from instagram publishers;
    • a great option is FB and contextual advertising;
    • organic applications GooglePlay and AppStore provide very little traffic, but it is highly valued: for registration about 1,000 rubles, for a deposit of up to 8,000 rubles;
    • SEO-traffic from thematic resources is also very scarce, but also perfectly appreciated.

    Quality traffic: a luxury or a necessity?

    The quality of traffic is very important for advertisers. The owners of gaming portals are very sensitive to the stage of evaluation and verification of traffic, so you should pay the closest attention to this characteristic.

    What factors determine the quality of traffic?

    First, decide on the type of traffic. The problem may arise on the spot – not all advertisers know how to work with mobile traffic, accordingly, some of the offerers may feel that we are talking about traffic of very poor quality. Despite the fact that this case is clearly the problem of the advertiser, the webmaster has to take the blame – it is not always possible to prove to the advertiser that the problem is not the quality of traffic, but his inability to handle it.

    Quality of traffic is determined, among other factors, by advertiser’s sales funnel: these are all instruments described above, plus e-mailing, that leads traffic to make new deposits, affecting passing KPI, also take into consideration age and interests of target audience, geo (in CIS countries percentage of conversion to deposits is lower than in RF).

    Never do this:

    • don’t let the little kids;
    • don’t freak, you’re gonna get burned sooner or later;
    • don’t scale to other sources (if you really want to, make new accounts so you don’t get shut down completely if the advertiser doesn’t like the traffic from the new source).

    As a bonus: the KPIs of most gambling offers, prohibited types of traffic.

    If you want to work successfully with advertisers, it makes sense to consider their interests and adjust to them. To do this, you need to know how advertisers analyze traffic.

    1. First, keep in mind that in any case, traffic will be analyzed in full – both in terms of registration, and in terms of deposits, even if you pay for the conversion only on deposits.
    2. On the first and 3-5 days, advertisers look at CTR from clicks to registration, from registration to FD, from FD to RD. Evaluated the activity of players, the frequency of their returns, the predominant type of action, behavior in the casino, the uniformity of elements of conversion. Important indicators such as the percentage of confirmations by e-mail, the percentage of spam-messages disclosure, the number of redirects, retention depts, the amount of FCs and RDs.
    3. After 3 to 5 days, 14 and 30 days, advertisers are looking at return rates of players, percentage of return users from spam lists. Particular attention advertisers pay attention to the number of first and repeated deposits from the old registrations (the ideal parameters are considered: the ratio of the first deposits to repeated deposits for the first week 100-150%, the second 150-200%, the third 300%), the amount of FD and RD. After two and four weeks a forecast is made and conclusions are drawn.

    In any case it is prohibited to use motivated sources, sites with tasks, different additives as a source of traffic. Follow these rules, and your efforts are sure to lead to the desired result.

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