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  • SoftSwiss: Negligence in setting up a high-level online casino

    The virtual currency Bitcoin is now a full-fledged alternative to traditional money. Therefore, it is not surprising that many online casinos are starting to switch to this currency. Gamers also prefer to gamble with Bitcoins, as this cryptocurrency allows for fast, completely anonymous and transparent financial transactions.

    The main benefits of Bitcoin-enabled casinos

    Today, everyone can buy a ready-made platform, order the creation of an online casino “turnkey” or buy a script of a virtual gambling establishment from a particular developer.

    Now on the world market of gambling business there are several companies that develop platforms that allow you to play roulette or other slot machines for Bitcoins or other cryptocurrency. SoftSwiss company belongs to such developers. To do this, you need to contact a SoftSwiss representative and clarify exactly what you need to create a virtual establishment in this niche business.

    Casinos that use only Bitcoins for payment have their competitive advantages, due to which they attract many groups of Internet users. When starting an online casino, there are a number of features to consider, including the ability to save on licensing fees due to the absence of taxation in this type of business. This allows you to create a Bitcoin casino in much less time when compared to other platforms that use traditional payment methods. At the same time, each user is guaranteed full confidentiality, can fully control their funds and quickly process all financial transactions, both depositing money and withdrawing winnings. Payments are usually confirmed within 15 minutes.

    Online casinos working with Bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies often offer users conditions that are more favorable than those of traditional virtual institutions. That is why operators are trying to attract as many gamers as possible and increase the popularity of cryptocurrency due to the absence of commission and hidden fees. Players can spend the cryptocurrency won at bitcoin casinos to buy goods offered at numerous online stores. A number of players spend the won funds as some kind of savings, because their price is constantly increasing today.

    SoftSwiss: Negligence in setting up a high-level online casino

    Buy discount casino games

    The price of casino game rentals for 2022 total:

    • Payment at the end of the reporting period, month.
    • Without the need to buy credit, make deposits.
    • Hurry up and buy a casino on favorable terms!

    Where to start

    To open your own online casino, working on Bitcoins, you first need to determine the budget. About 22,000 euros will have to be spent on the development of the platform. If necessary, SoftSwiss can provide a number of other services for an additional incentive.

    According to SoftSwiss representatives, their firm revised the cost of services in winter 2018, so if you find a developer who offers services for less, think about the reliability of this proposal.

    In addition to Bitcoins, other cryptocurrencies can be added to the platform under development if desired. Managers of the firm advise to integrate ether, because the other services are not in particular demand.

    The design of the sites themselves are created taking into account all the wishes of customers (including the design of panels and the choice of color schemes). It is worth noting that the company does not provide services and does not support users from certain countries (USA, Spain, UK). This restriction is due to the tougher regulatory measures in these countries. That is why users, who use IP of these countries, do not have access to the service.

    In addition to the development of platforms, SoftSwiss company is engaged in support of gamers and sites promotion. In accordance with the signed agreement, the firm is obliged to monitor all technical aspects of the platforms and eliminate any malfunctions in the system.

    The gamer support service deserves special attention. This feature is not prescribed in the contracts, but if you want it included as an additional item. The service implies platform support thanks to special marketing tools. Thanks to this, SoftSwiss helps to retain existing users and increase their loyalty to a particular online casino.

    The firm’s services are the most useful for those operators who are not sure exactly how to build a successful business. The service consists of the strategy of gamers’ retention, its development and implementation, content and game management, e-mail distribution, casino presentation on special forums. These services are provided for a fee, and users receive the appropriate bill. Operators may waive the services, if desired.

    The creation of an online casino will take up to 2 months. Transactions are made by signing contracts between the customers and the contractor (SoftSwiss). Contracts can be adjusted in accordance with the requirements or additions of customers.

    SoftSwiss: Negligence in setting up a high-level online casino

    What awaits customers after the deals are done

    Online casino platforms from SoftSwiss occupy about 30% of all virtual casinos in the gambling world. But not all customers are happy with the service and support of SoftSwiss. At the same time, the firm seeks to increase the popularity of its brand by all means, adding positive reviews from non-existent users on their own. You can also find a huge number of complaints on the Internet, confirming the negligence and low level of qualification of SoftSwiss employees:

    Platform promotion managers do not promote customers’ projects effectively enough, due to the fact that one manager is responsible for several platforms at once. The negligence is also due to the fact that employees are paid monthly in advance for the services rendered, due to which their motivation is significantly reduced.

    The first difficulties arise during the development of the platforms themselves. SoftSwiss programmers are often unable to satisfy customers’ requests, because they have insufficient knowledge and practical skills. As a consequence, the promised 2 months are sometimes delayed up to a year.

    The firm is only interested in its interests, so the company deals with customers at its own discretion. It is worth noting that this is initially stipulated in the contracts (point D), in accordance with which SoftSwiss has the right to terminate contracts with customers without any explanation.


    It should be noted that many customers have experienced first-hand the fraud of SoftSwiss CEO Ivan Montek, who continues to defraud new users. The most notorious victim of fraud was the owner of Satoshigames.io casino. SoftSwiss immediately stopped serving this casino, citing violations of the agreement and providing access to the software to residents of the regions where the service is blocked (meaning the United States). It is worth noting that this point was not specified in the signed agreement.

    According to Ivan Montek, SoftSwiss treats every project equally, but the situation with the Satoshigames.io gaming platform confirms the opposite, because there is no clause in the agreement that restricts users from banned countries, while betchain.com has such a restriction on registration.


    It turns out that the negligence of managers at Direx N.V., which manages SoftSwiss’ platforms, has resulted in Satoshi being without its due service package. It should be noted that access to satoshigames.io had been available to Spanish and US residents since the launch of satoshigames.io, but Softswiss has only now decided to take notice. However, Softswiss has never sent any notifications to its client.

    Casino maintenance in Spain

    SoftSwiss: Negligence in setting up a high-level online casino

    Casino service in the USA

    SoftSwiss: Negligence in setting up a high-level online casino


    In doing so, managers are obliged to warn customers about blocking access to gamers from specified countries.


    Softswiss has also promised that any attempt to register with the service in these countries will be automatically blocked, and if the functionality is not correct, all issues will be dealt with by the helpdesk.


    However, in the case of Satoshigames, these conditions have not been met. In addition, representatives of the said online casino claim that the firm offers a very low level of service, that SoftSwiss employees do not perform even half of their work, which is spelled out in the contract. In particular, the negligence concerns issues of fraud control and representation of the casino in prominent forums. There have also been problems with the English-language newsletter template for new customers.


    It is still not clear why the company has not translated the template into English. That said, Ivan Montec continues to claim that they serve their customers in the same way. This fact suggests that every online casino owner from SoftSwiss could lose their gaming platform and money if the firm simply decides to disconnect it from service.


    There are quite a few developers on the global market today who are willing to create a gaming platform to open a new online casino that works with Bitcoin. That is why it is extremely important to be cautious and serious when selecting a developer. It is better to make sure the developer is reliable several times than to cooperate with incompetent performers. To choose the best developer, you should study all the existing information about the company: the duration of its activities in the gambling business, the reviews from customers and gamers, the provision of additional services, etc. And remember, the first step to success is to cooperate with a company that has an excellent reputation!

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