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  • Affiliate CPA network: useful for gambling

    Without advertising, no business will develop properly, especially in gambling, where the amount of traffic directly affects profits. Online casinos are a highly competitive market segment, which means that the issue of advertising performance is particularly acute here. The most important thing for advertising and traffic attraction system is effectiveness. And partner CPA networks can solve the problem

    The relevance of introducing CPAs into business strategy

    The basic principle of payment in advertising systems is fixed payments for views or clicks. In order for such advertising to be effective, it requires long setup, searching for channels and spending money on actions that may not bring the desired result. And if you use such advertising system in a wrong place without taking into account the peculiarities of the traffic, you can simply lose money and get no return. Affiliate CPA is a new approach in the field of advertising systems. In this case, the payment for advertising is made only for a specific action, which will bring the business more than CPM (views) or CPC (clicks). In other words, a user can have a look/click and it will not go further than that – you will overpay for advertising.

    It is important to understand that CPA is not a replacement for all the advertising systems you are already using to develop your gambling business. First of all, it is a reliable way to attract additional traffic. The ideal way to develop an online casino will be a combination of several advertising systems. This will allow you to capture different segments of traffic from other areas of the market and expand your target audience.

    Affiliate CPA network: useful for gambling

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    What format does the CPA network operate in?

    Literally translated, CPA (cost per action) is payment per action. The advertiser will only pay if the advertisement prompts the user to take certain actions: registering, paying, making a deposit, etc. Clicks and views are not counted in this context. This allows to reduce advertising costs, create more accurate CA statistics and get a user who is encouraged to register and take other actions, i.e. a user who already uses the services of the game portal.

    The CPA system itself always consists of three components:

    1. Direct CPA network. In the case of gambling, it is necessary to partner with those systems that target gambling and betting. Although CPA affiliate networks are still an unpopular way of advertising in runet, there is already an impressive list of CPA-networks specializing in this particular segment of the online services and entertainment market.
    2. The publisher (aka webmaster or website owner). A user connected to the system who places and concentrates traffic according to the advertiser’s offer. A publisher can also be a targeting advertising specialist. The main requirements for the webmaster are knowledge of the nuances of billing, taking into account existing payment systems and the ability to concentrate the audience on the appropriate advertisement (the offerer).
    3. Advertiser. Signs an agreement with a CPA network, choosing the right one, and defines a set of basic actions for which payment is made. It is the advertiser who agrees on the price or sets the percentage of the action ordered. The advertiser also deals with budget replenishment and uploading his banners.

    How does it work?

    The principle of the CPA system is simple. CPA affiliate takes care of all the costs of attracting the desired traffic for the customer. The traffic itself goes to CPA through webmasters, or publishers. There is no problem for CPA-systems to cooperate with webmasters: publisher can be an owner of a website or a forum, a targeting specialist, a director – in other words, any internet user, who is able to focus desirable traffic for an advertiser.

    The larger the CPA network, the more webmasters it will have at its disposal. The trick is that a webmaster is a job seeker, who gets paid for his work, so there is no lack of such specialists in CPA-networks. And the more webmasters there are, the greater the load can be paid by the advertiser, who himself determines how many ads to place. This should be taken into account if a gambling club needs a very large amount of traffic – only a large CPA-network with a large number of webmasters can do that.


    CPA affiliate makes life easier

    The main advantage of partnering with a CPA-network is the simplification of the ad placement algorithm. In the case of a CPA-network, the advertiser (responsible for online casinos) does not need to search for publishers, negotiate with them on terms of cooperation or develop a tracking/interaction program for traffic. All this will be done by an affiliate network. The CPA-network takes upon itself the solution of issues of both advertisers and webmasters. The first ones are given a possibility to choose themselves which ways and channels to attract traffic will be profitable. A webmasters are waiting for stable offers, which means steady income.

    CPA networks charge for these services, which is a commission agreed upon with the client. The commission is usually a percentage of the total amount the advertiser pays to the publisher.

    The main advantage of working with a CPA-network is its transparency. Only CPA-network can confirm the target action of the user, for which the advertiser pays the affiliate. It is the advertiser, who is also the customer of the service, who sees if the desired action is performed on his site. For example, setting up an affiliate registration action, which is available only to “live” users, rather than robots, you will pay a percentage for each registered, rather than for each click or accidentally hit your site bot. Paying only for business – it is profitable and convenient, and most importantly, such a partnership will steadily increase both income and traffic.

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