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  • Case study: converting ADULT traffic to gambling

    Adult traffic is very large and therefore significant. Many people wonder how to inject this traffic into the gambling industry. After all, there is no getting around the rumours about how well adalt traffic converts, or that its target audience is very solvent. Who would pass up the opportunity to increase their own traffic by injecting it with the adalt segment? After all, along with solvent CA your deposits will increase! What is the right way to attract adalt-traffic to gambling and how to convert it?

    Make a work plan!

    Before you begin the actual work, everything should be well analysed, namely

    1. Determine the target audience (TA).
    2. Develop some hypotheses about the attractiveness of gambling to adult audiences;
    3. Work with sources to help analyse the CA and the right approach to it;
    4. Consider the format of future advertisements to attract adalt traffic (taking into account the hypotheses worked out);
    5. Find the right approach for each segment of the target audience in order to choose a truly appropriate advertisement and think through all the nuances of its placement.

    Naturally, it should be borne in mind that not every approach will fit into the chosen advertising format. You need to have a clear idea of what will “hook” a particular segment of the target audience. Some, for example, like to read long and generously illustrated articles, while others are better suited to short and catchy creative videos. We are here to learn more about the target audience and engage them in every way possible.

    Case study: converting ADULT traffic to gambling

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    The target adalt audience: what is it?

    In order to convert the traffic of this or that CA, you need to have a clear idea of what the people you are going to direct to the desired sphere, in this case – to the sphere of gambling. Who is a potential adalit-gamer, what is he, what does he need? The answers to these questions will determine the success of the venture.

    If you want to convert an adalt-user to gambling, ask yourself how to understand him. Let’s start with what interests fans of adult sites. Naturally, the content offered. And now we need to connect this content with an online casino. The task is not an easy one, but even here there are some boundaries, narrowing our search for clues. First, active adalt-users are usually users between 25 and 45 years old. We are interested in this age category, because users under 25 are not yet aimed at spending time in game clubs. This is conditioned both by financial possibilities and psychological attitudes, because up to 25 years old a person doesn’t fully understand the essence of gambling and doesn’t have the opportunity to have fun with the contribution of his funds.

    But first of all, let’s understand why adalt-users devote so much time to viewing “adult” content. Pornographic videos have long ago not been perceived as something taboo, so the option of “getting the taboo” immediately falls away. Thus, we have quite mature people at our disposal, who can get intimacy as it is, without any “adult” sites. In theory. But what if they can’t? Here is our first clue!

    What drives adalt-users

    1. Feelings of insecurity and complexes. If a person does not think they look good enough to engage in real intimacy, it is only natural that they go to watch adult videos.
    2. The inability to realise one’s sexual fantasies in reality. This is quite common, because exotic or unconventional sex requires certain skills and investments from the person himself, let alone finding a suitable partner. So not every fantasy can be realised in life, but adult-video actors have no problem realising it.
    3. Not being able to have intimate relations with real partners that you really like. Satisfaction is achieved by watching adult videos with whatever partners you like. Often the dissatisfaction in real life leads to a desire to assert oneself with money or at the expense of money to get the attention of the opposite sex. This is an excellent premise for attracting the user to gambling.
    4. Addicted to viewing ‘adult’ content. Such people always want more and better from adalt sites. They are willing to spend a huge amount of time and money (special subscriptions, VIP accounts), which means there is nothing to stop them from investing in the same gambling.

    This type of traffic has another peculiarity: statistics show that people who are into adalt sites do not mind playing at online casinos either. As the saying goes, one does not prevent the other. Especially, using some of the features of adalt-users (insecurity, inability to fulfill fantasies or get the lady of dreams), you can offer them a way out of this situation – to make money on gambling. And with money, as many are convinced, many problems on the intimate front become much more solvable.

    The time and environment of adulthood traffic activity

    There is no need to guess at the time – just look up the statistics. Adults are most active between 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. This is a great time for privacy, and who usually watches adult content during the day. The issue with the medium is much more complex and subtle: as a rule, adalt users only respond to similar adalt content. After all, at the time the ad is displayed, the user is engaged in an “important activity” that is stimulated by the adult content – distracting them from this activity will be very difficult.

    But there is a hint in this difficulty: you have to adjust the format of ads to the topics that interest the adult-user – the very “adult” topics. This will divert the user’s attention and gently lead him to gambling. There is only a question of what kind of advertising should be and where it should be placed. The format of the advertisement is also important: will it be banners, commercials, some kind of special offers, etc.

    If your environment is websites

    Are you going to intercept adalt-users directly from websites? Then you are likely to be offered such advertising formats as teasers, clickers, popanders, or banners. In case you’re interested in in-depth ad insertion, pay attention to mounting your ad in the video itself. This is convenient, given that the adalt audience prefers the adult entertainment video format. In this situation, an indispensable advertising move will be overlays – when your ad appears directly on the video.

    Still effective methods would be prerolls – short videos that are shown in the first 30 seconds of the main video. You can insert links in the description of adalt-rollers, give links in the comments, and everywhere else. However, the most effective way will be to work with the video, because the adult-user is looking at it, rather than banners within the site.

    It is important, when presenting ads, that the design and information overlap with the adalt-content. Then the user will be interested, will be intrigued and will still make a click. Allow the user to “think up” the continuation of your advertisement himself, don’t reveal all the cards at once.

    Working in a social media environment

    Social networks (VK, Odnoklassniki, Instagram, etc.) are tougher on content filtering. Here you can not openly place a banner or video adalt-advertising, and even more so in combination with gambling ads. Of course, there is always an option to simply agree with the administration of the group or page to place their ads for a certain amount, but in many social networks casino links are recognized automatically and are immediately subject to deletion.

    The optimal solution would be to intrigue the public indirect hints. For example, to create pages of fake personalities with racy content, which at the same time encourages gambling. This can be short stories, questionnaires, direct chat, and so on. The main thing is to attract attention, and in a social networking environment it is always easier to intercept an adult-user, because there he is not only engaged in viewing content, but also open to communication.

    Why adalt traffic needs prelends

    Pre-landing is a prerequisite for dealing with adalta traffic. It is a transit page with an enticing action, namely a questionnaire or agreement where the user has to click on something. A well-designed pre-link, which appears before the direct link, should motivate the user to read the main content.

    How adalt-users use prelends

    1. Adult audiences constantly need to be ‘warmed up’, because they weren’t originally going to play casino games. To retain this traffic, you need to keep it hot, to stimulate interest.
    2. Prelends improve the quality of redirected traffic. And adalt traffic needs to be filtered, otherwise it is simply unproductive to handle it.
    3. Adjust the volumes of directed traffic.

    What the CA of adalt traffic and gambling enthusiasts have in common

    Adalt CA Gamble CA
    men – 90%, women 10% men – 80%, women – 20%
    traffic type: mobile and desktop traffic type: mobile
    a focus on entertainment and the positive emotions of satisfaction a focus on entertainment, profit, positive emotions

    As you can see, our targets are mostly men who use mobile gadgets and are looking for an easy way to get positive emotions. And if with adult content they can get those same emotions after satisfying their sexual needs, in the sphere of gambling they won’t need to make even an extra gesture (in all senses) to get those same emotions. All that remains is to figure out how to get adalt traffic interested in getting emotion through gambling rather than through viewing “adult” content.

    How to get adalt-users interested

    Above, we have already discussed why adalt users are attracted to “adult” content. Now we can use it to attract them to play online casino games and get good income, activity and high turnout from this type of traffic. The main problem is that while watching adalt content, the user does not think about his/her problems and does not pay much attention to any ads. In the end, this prevents him from getting the positive emotions that he comes to adult websites for. This is why it is necessary to proceed in a very subtle way.

    Therefore, to entice users and gently steer him away from the page with the “strawberry” gambling portal, you need to lay it on the creativity. And this creativity must have a pronounced “adult” serve without any hint of gambling. How to do it? Finally, we get to the point!

    Three approaches can be distinguished in attracting adalt traffic:

    1. A landing page with a video. This method is great for a clicker or a popunder. The landing page in this case must have a video that immediately launches. Thus, the user makes the tab active (clicks – he is taken to the landing page or it opens in the background), and then our video starts playing. The video itself should demonstrate in a pleasant and enticing manner that the opposite sex is willing to do a lot for money, expensive gadgets, cars and other attributes of a luxurious life. If you search the Internet, you will find a lot of such videos, where ladies are doing all sorts of obscenities for money. And it can be on the street, or in the office, or in the car. The main thing is to create a fantasy for the adult-user, and this fantasy must lead him to the equation “money – sex – the need to get money”. As soon as he connects pleasure with the process of getting money in a not too complicated way, you will get a user in gambling.
    2. Teasers and banners. If you transform the first approach into text and add a very short video clip or just footage, you get a completely different advertisement. For the sake of creativity, you can make it into a news channel format: for example, a ticker with the text “what girls can do for money” or “shock! sensation! she sold out for…”. Keep the suspense focused on sex and money, which is a formula that will work for both adalt and gambling users. And remember, the sexual connotation comes first, otherwise the adalt-user will simply ignore the ad.
    3. Sex-story. This format works only for social networks, where users come not only to watch adult content, but also to socialize, read, and look at other people’s pages and publics. Stories need to be believable, so don’t tell tales like “I met a geek, and it turned out that he was a millionaire gambler, so tomorrow we’re flying to Miami. No one will read something like that – it looks like blatant trickery and bad publicity. Your task is to intrigue, captivate and engage. For example, tell, for example, on behalf of the girl (the subject of dreams of any adult-user), how she “earned” an iPhone, a Chrysler or an apartment in Moscow for providing intimate services. The lady should not be an employee of an escort or other dubious services – we have stories about simple and mundane women. At the end of sex-story add a questionnaire or a questionnaire of the series “and you would do so?”, “who else has such stories?”, “do you think this is bad or not? Naturally, a larger percentage of girls should speak out in favor of such an approach. This will give the adalt-user a strong idea that beautiful ladies are not even against doing something for money.

    All of these approaches can be the golden key to adalt traffic, because the user needs to be engaged and motivated. While attracting this traffic is not an easy task, it will be richly rewarding when you see how many users are interested in gambling. You could say that you are selling them a dream, and the fact that this dream is now inextricably linked to an online casino… A stream of good deposits and high traffic is ensured. The main thing is to find an approach to the lover of adult topics, and the interested adult-user in 99% of cases will want to invest in that leisure time, which he considers worthwhile. Anyway, get creative and take the bull by the horns!

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