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  • Online casino licence video how to get

    If you decide to become a full participant in online gambling, you will need a licence to open an online casino. However, you should not expect the licensing process to be simple and straightforward. There are peculiarities of the procedure for each country. Some countries have a ban or restriction on the organisation of gambling.

    Online casino licence its purpose

    An online casino licence is proof of the legality of a gambling establishment. What is the purpose of this legalisation?

    Working in the legal field is required in order to carry out the following activities without hindrance:

    • opening bank accounts and a merchant account;
    • integration on the platform of electronic payment systems (without a licence they will refuse to cooperate);
    • the connection of licensed gaming software from leading developers (major providers prefer to work with licensed establishments);
    • actively implementing an advertising campaign and building a positive reputation.
    Online casino licence video how to get
    Online casino licence video how to get

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    Online casinos licensed in Russia

    For Russian entrepreneurs wishing to run an online gambling business, an online casino licence will be a problem. Russia has legally imposed restrictions on the organisation of gambling. Casinos and gambling establishments have been placed in special territorial zones. The Internet network does not belong to such zones. Therefore, no license for online casinos is issued.

    Similar situation with the prohibition of online gambling entertainment in some other post-Soviet countries – Belarus, Ukraine, for instance. However, an alternative exists. An entrepreneur has an opportunity to buy an online casino license in one of the existing offshore zones.

    Online casinos with a licence

    The jurisdictions that issue online casino licences today have different requirements for the licensee, and the procedure itself may have certain differences. But in general, the step-by-step procedure for the applicant will look as follows:

    • research existing jurisdictions, taking into account the legal requirements of the region in which you intend to operate;
    • research the jurisdiction’s software requirements and check your resource for compliance;
    • checking your resource for compliance with the requirements of the chosen jurisdiction – it should contain all the required information (contacts and coordinates, regulations for use, etc.);
    • in most cases, registration of the company (legal entity) in the licensing country is required;
    • preparing the application documents;
    • filing and payment of processing fees and other charges as required (depending on the jurisdiction).
    • waiting for a positive response and for documents to be issued.

    Inaccuracies, inconsistencies or an incomplete application package will result in a rejection. This is a waste of time and money. Therefore, a professional online gambling permit service is in demand.

    There is an alternative to going through the whole time-consuming, lengthy and expensive licensing procedure. An entrepreneur can buy a turnkey online casino with a licence. This service is available to customers of B2bslots. We have the most favorable terms and lowest prices. Details of the offer on the website b2bslots.com.

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