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  • Illegal gambling solving the problem

    What is “illegal gambling”? It should be understood as gambling without an appropriate licence. Gambling and land-based casinos are not prohibited in Russia. However, the state regulates their organisation and operation at the legislative level.

    Illegal gambling in the Russian Federation

    Without going into complicated legal terminology, let us outline in plain language what in Russia is defined as illegal gambling.

    Special zones have been defined in the Russian Federation for organising gambling and opening land-based casinos.

    Initially, there were four of them:

    • in the Krasnodar region of “Azov-City”;
    • in the Altai region “Siberian Coin”;
    • in the Primorye region “Primorye”;
    • on the Baltic coast “Amber”.

    A fifth zone in Sochi, Krasnaya Polyana, has recently been added. The government is also considering adding a zone in Crimea to the list.

    Any gambling and casinos organised outside these zones constitute illegal gambling. In order to operate in these zones, you have to be licensed and comply with the legislation.

    Unfortunately, online gambling does not fall under the enabling legislation. Therefore, online casinos in Russia are illegal gambling businesses.

    Illegal gambling solving the problem
    Illegal gambling solving the problem

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    Illegal online gambling solving the problem

    Admittedly, the prohibition and classification as “illegal gambling” has not made gambling less popular among Russians. Statistics in Russia clearly show an increase in the number of users visiting online sites.

    Do you want to become an active participant in online gambling and conduct your activities legally? Choose the registration and licensing of the company in an offshore zone. In total, there are more than 80 countries offering legalisation of gambling business today. The most popular jurisdictions are:

    • Curacao;
    • Costa Rica;
    • Isle of Man;
    • Malta;
    • Belize, etc.

    Do you want to come out of the shadows and eliminate the risks of illegal activities? Not sure which jurisdiction to choose? Prefer to shorten your licensing time and minimise your costs? Turn to professionals. The specialists of B2bslots will not only consult you on the choice of jurisdiction, but also offer turnkey solutions with a license. With us you will forget about illegal activities and can successfully develop your site.

    The benefits of legal gambling

    Why is it important to avoid illegal gambling? Having a licence is proof of the reliability and safety of the resource. Consider the benefits of licensing for key stakeholders:

    1. For the entrepreneur:

    • legal activities and no problems with possible blocking of the resource;
    • the opportunity to work with the best providers and developers;
    • confidence by banks and financial institutions to make deposits and withdrawals;
    • to create a positive image in the online gambling market;
    • customer confidence.

    2. For the players:

    • the guarantee that the resource meets basic reliability and safety requirements;
    • protection of players’ rights and interests;
    • the opportunity to play licensed slot machines;
    • quick and safe withdrawal of funds.


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