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  • Ways to get around the law and set up a casino

    A topical question for Russian entrepreneurs: are there ways to bypass the law and set up an online casino? The popularity of gambling among users and the high profitability of this line of business attracts many people. It is enough to look at the attendance statistics of the Vulkan gambling site to get a general idea about the popularity of such establishments.

    At present, Russia has an ambiguous situation with gambling business. On the one hand, gambling is not prohibited. But the law strictly regulates their organisation and operation of land-based casinos. And a traditional gambling club can be organised only in a few specially designated areas.

    Online gambling, on the other hand, is banned in the Russian Federation. So entrepreneurs are actively looking for ways of getting round the existing legislation and starting their own business.

    Ways to get around the law and set up a casino yourself

    It comes as no surprise that the popularity of gambling has been the impetus for there to be affordable ways to get around the law and set up casinos online. It is also possible to do it yourself. It is possible for an entrepreneur to start their own business and run a gambling site by taking advantage of offshore registration.

    Today, the legalisation of online gambling is available in more than 80 countries. And since it is not possible to obtain the relevant permission in the Russian Federation, there is a choice of other jurisdictions as a way to circumvent the law. Licensing conditions in different countries differ significantly in terms of the following criteria:

    • requirements for an online gambling resource;
    • the package of documents to be submitted with the application for a licence;
    • the existence of additional conditions (e.g. compulsory employment of residents in the company’s office);
    • the duration of the procedure;
    • the applicable taxation system;
    • the period of validity of the permit;
    • price.
    Ways to get around the law and set up a casino
    Ways to get around the law and set up a casino

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    Why is it legal under international law to circumvent the law and set up an online casino?

    The entrepreneur registers a legal entity and is licensed to operate a gambling business in the country where the activity is permitted. The company’s office and computing facilities are located in that country. This is a real way to bypass the law and set up a casino that will be legal for international banks as well.

    But it is possible to actively use the unique opportunities of the Internet to develop your own gambling site. It is up to the entrepreneur to whom his resource will be oriented. It may well be a Russian-speaking audience living in the Russian Federation and Europe.

    Proper promotion will lead to the casino selected target audience and allow you to successfully earn money. So, there are ways to get around the law!

    Ways to get around the law and set up a casino quickly

    Self-licensing, although an affordable way to get around the law and set up a casino, is time-consuming and requires some investment. The cost depends on the jurisdiction chosen.

    It should also not be forgotten that the licence is only the first step. To set up a casino, you have to:

    • create a website;
    • buy hosting;
    • choose and install a gaming platform;
    • integrate gaming and payment software;
    • organise a player support service;
    • develop a promotion strategy for the resource.

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