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  • Organising a gambling business is an interesting video

    The legal organisation of gambling business is a burning issue for Russian entrepreneurs. Gambling entertainment is very popular. It is a profitable area with a high level of development prospects. Prospects are primarily related to online gambling.

    Unfortunately, it is impossible to obtain a license for online casino in Russia today. The current legislation provides for the organization of gambling business only in specially designated territorial areas. The Internet is not such a zone. The Criminal Code of the Russian Federation stipulates responsibility for illegal gambling.

    Does all of the above mean that the organization of online gambling business is not available to Russian entrepreneurs? No! There is a real alternative: to register a legal entity and to obtain a gambling licence in one of the offshore zones. Such services are provided by a number of countries, including European ones.

    Organising a gambling business - choosing a licence

    Since we are interested in the legal organization of gambling business, the first thing to do is to choose the type of license.

    When choosing, the following criteria are analyzed:

    • processing price;
    • the complexity and duration of the procedure;
    • the existence of additional requirements for the licensee;
    • expiration date;
    • universality and credibility.

    There are about 80 countries providing licensing services around the world. Among the most popular are Curacao, Malta, Isle of Man, etc.

    Organising a gambling business is an interesting video
    Organising a gambling business is an interesting video

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    Organising a gambling business in popular ways

    Today, organising a gambling business is available in a variety of ways. Some of them are expensive and time consuming. There are also quick ways to open an online casino cheaply. Let us highlight the most common ones:

    1. Setting up a gambling business from scratch with online promotion takes at least a year. The advantage is a high-quality product that fully meets the customer’s requirements and meets the needs of the target audience.
    2. Organising a gambling business. The cost depends on the brand name of the developer.
    3. White Label. Another quick and relatively inexpensive solution for opening an online casino. The developer not only offers a fully ready-to-launch gambling site, but also takes care of all the technical and organisational legal support. The operator’s task is to market, promote, attract and retain players.
    4. Organising a gambling business with a minimum of capital investment.

    The secret to a successful start is choosing a reliable developer and a quality software product. One of the best suppliers of software for online gambling resources is B2bslots. The offer includes a selection of ready-made solutions from leading developers, in-house software products and project support services.

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