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  • How SoftSwiss creates and promotes casinos: negative customer feedback

    Before ordering a casino from SoftSwiss (as well as any other contractor), decide on a budget. Until last year, SoftSwiss was developing the platform for €22,000. Earlier this year, the cost of SoftSwiss specialists’ work was increased, so you should not trust those who offer similar work at a lower cost.

    SoftSwiss still offers related services for an additional fee.

    What do SoftSwiss managers promise?

    1. When designing the online casino, the company’s specialists take into account all the customer’s wishes and requirements (panels, colour schemes, etc.)
    2. Not only Bitcoin but also other cryptocurrencies can be added to the platform. Managers recommend adding Ether as well, while other cryptocurrencies are not very popular.
    3. Apart from creating the platform, SoftSwiss specialists offer web portal promotion and player support services. It is the company that takes care of all technical issues, troubleshooting caused by system failures.
    4. A player retention service is very popular. This option is not in the basic contract, but it can be included in the document if the customer wishes. It is about supporting the platform with marketing tools.

    To sum it up: SoftSwiss’ services look as attractive as possible for operators who are just learning to build a successful business and are not yet too confident in this area. SoftSwiss specialists not only create the platform, but also provide a wide range of additional services – develop the project, introduce the content, provide e-mail distribution, represent the casino in popular gambling forums. All additional services are offered at an extra cost, payable in advance. Customer may refuse any of the services at any time.

    Usually it takes one and a half to two months to create a casino. A contract is signed between the customer and the contractor, which can be amended before signing.

    The service does not support users in the UK, Spain and the US due to the strict regulatory policies of those countries, so access for users with IPs from the above countries is automatically blocked.
    How SoftSwiss creates and promotes casinos: negative customer feedback

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    What can you expect once the deal is done?

    Today, SoftSwiss-based casinos account for about 1/3 of all gambling portals. Both positive and negative reviews about this company can be found on the Internet. After a shallow analysis of the information found, it is easy to conclude that the vast majority of positive reviews are made to order, and the information reflected in them has nothing to do with the real state of affairs.

    On the other hand, numerous complaints pointing to the low level of technical expertise and negligence of the company’s staff are grounded in reality.

    Among the most common complaints against SoftSwiss are:

    • lack of interest on the part of the managers involved in promoting the platform. Usually, each employee of the company takes on several projects at once, which does not allow him (even if he wanted to) to develop an individual programme for promoting the portal, attracting customers, taking into account the specifics of a particular project. The format of monthly prepayment for services probably also plays a role – managers simply do not benefit from working quickly and efficiently;
    • incompetence of employees. Simple and uncomplicated projects are handled quite well by the company’s specialists. The problem is that simple projects in a highly competitive environment are doomed to fail. If the client demands something new and non-standard, it becomes obvious: SoftSwiss’ level of competence is clearly below the desired one. As a result, the month and a half or two months in which the company promises to create a platform, seamlessly turns into years of misunderstandings, arguments and disappointments;
    • pursuing only its own financial interests. The company’s right to deal with the customer as it sees fit is particularly questionable – this is even stipulated in the contract with the customer (point d), which states that the company reserves the right to terminate the contract without giving a reason.


    After reading the negative reviews of SoftSwiss, we concluded that the main root of the problems here is the activities of the CEO Ivan Montik, who is still in his position and continues to deceive new customers.

    On negative experiences with SoftSwiss from the owners of Satoshigames.io online casino

    According to the owners of Satoshigames.io, SoftSwiss terminated the casino service on the grounds that the customer violated the agreement and used the software to provide the service in countries and regions where it lacked permission.

    By the way: there was not a hint of this clause in the agreement. SoftSwiss claims that it treats all of its projects exactly the same. But then how is it that Satoshigames.io gaming platform was not secured against registration in banned regions, while other projects, such as betchain.com casino, had their registration restriction enabled automatically?


    It was the negligence of SoftSwiss’ managers that caused the customer not to receive the full range of services that were available to other projects, including betchain.com and playamo.com.

    From this we can conclude that the fault for the disruption of regional operations by the Satoshigames.io project lies with the managers and technical staff of the company itself. It is also worth remembering that until the moment of termination of the project’s service, the company served banned regions without notifying the owner of the project about the prohibition of activities on the territory of Spain, USA.

    Below are transactions that allow us to see that SoftSwiss was servicing bitcoin casinos in the territory of banned regions – Spain (1 fig.), USA (2 fig.).



    At the same time, the company sometimes warns potential clients about the prohibition of user access in specific regions. And when signing a contract, the company promises that all attempts at prohibited access will be blocked automatically, and if the functionality fails to work properly, the support service will resolve all issues. In the case of the Satoshigames project, as we can see, nothing of the sort happened.

    But that is not all. Talking to the representative of the entertainment portal, it became clear – managers SoftSwiss did not perform half of the tasks they undertook at the conclusion of the contract. For example, the contractor was supposed to control and suppress fraudulent actions on the part of players, to represent the project on thematic forums – AskGamblers, Casinomeister and others. None of the above-mentioned tasks was solved.

    We recommend paying special attention to the newsletter template for new English-speaking clients:


    As you can see, the template is not even fully translated into Russian.

    After all this, Ivan Montik’s assurances that the company serves all clients equally do not look in the best light. After all, if every client is served at the same level as with the Satoshigames project, it is better to spare your efforts, your time and your money by searching for a more responsible, qualified performer.

    Instead of a conclusion

    Today, it is not difficult to find professionals who will provide a full range of products and services for opening a bitcoin casino. If you want to be sure that you have chosen true professionals in their field, take your time – study the information about the company’s working time in the gambling business, read customer reviews, evaluate the range of related services, look through the projects that the company has already released. By choosing a developer with an impeccable reputation, you are taking a step towards the development and prosperity of your platform.

    Buy discount casino games

    The price of casino game rentals for 2022 total:

    • Payment at the end of the reporting period, month.
    • Without the need to buy credit, make deposits.
    • Hurry up and buy a casino on favorable terms!

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